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How can I make sure my residents are seen?

There are many ways that our optometric physicians can see the residents in your facility, while maintaining compliance with Medicare and medical insurance:

  1. A Permission Slip identifying any eye problems is filled out either by the resident or family upon admission, or by mailing the permission slip to the family or guardian of the residents already residing at your facility. 
  2. The resident’s attending physician may write a Physician Order for PRN Optometric services or Consult from Optometry/Ophthalmology. 
  3. The facility personnel or the resident’s caretaker make a request for an optometric evaluation, preferably using our Eye Care Service Request copies, as they notice that a resident might be having eye problems. 
  4. The resident, himself or herself, can ask for an eye examination due to visual problems, preferably signing our Permission Slip. 
  5. The results of the “Visual Analysis” of the MDS Assessment and Care Plan trigger the need for an eye exam. The person in charge of Care Plan may then fill out our Eye Care Service Request form.

How often does West Coast Mobile Eye Care visit?

Once a request for an eye evaluation is established, often given to Social Services, the eye care liaison person at your facility can then contact us, either by calling or faxing the Permission Slip or the Eye Care Service Request form to West Coast Mobile Eye Care.  We will then place the patient on the list (W.C.M.E.C. Schedule) for our next regularly visit.  Within a week prior to visiting your facility, West Coast Mobile Eye Care staff will notify your personnel usually in Social Services to review our current list of patients to be seen for follow-up care, or to discuss any other patients that need to be put on the list.  In case of emergency, one of our optometric physicians will be contacted to make the visit to the requested facility ASAP.

How frequently should residents be seen?

As a general rule, eye care professionals recommend that an eye examination should be performed yearly on people above 40 years of age, with follow up as necessary, to maintain optimum eye and visual health.  We hope that you help us accomplish our mission of preserving the human sight by making eye care available to every resident, especially where medical necessity have been established. 

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